Fun 2 Learn Code offers coding classes and day camps for children and teens in the Austin area to learn the fundamentals of computer programming and video game development.  

working on a Scratch project

We provide two types of learning opportunities for students: group classes and labs. After-school, homeschool and weekend options are available. No prior programming experience is needed for any of our labs and most of our classes. We also host monthly Coding Nights and periodic workshops.


Our group classes are instructor-led and cover a specific program or platform for a certain number of weeks. Classes are designed for beginner and intermediate level students. Options include Introduction to Coding, Minecraft Mods, Video Game Development, Python, Virtual Reality, Keyboarding and others.


In our coding labs, students are encouraged to explore technologies that interest them and to work at a pace that they enjoy. We offer ongoing year-round enrollment for our labs, so students can join at any time. Options include Scratch, Python, Java, video game development, Minecraft Mods, Unity, mobile app development, Javascript, web development, 2D/3D graphic design and animation, and more! No previous programming experience is required since the curriculum is geared to each one’s level and pace.

Our classes and labs are held at our studio in Round Rock, located at 416 Chisholm Valley Drive.  We also host workshops at other locations in the Austin area, including libraries and schools.

Coding Classes and Summer Camps for Children and Teens in Round Rock and the Austin Area