While we remain closed to the public until at least August 3, we are continuing to offer live, online classes and camps.  Our online classes and summer camps will follow the same format for younger ages, so the information below is the same as the schedule for our online summer camps. All times for classes are Central Daylight Time.

Online Summer Camps/Classes

Aug 17-21Intro to Python9-121:30pm-2:30 pm$60
Aug 17-21Unity 2D Game Development10-151:30pm-2:30 pm$60
Aug 17-21Python Graphics and Animations10-153:00-4:00 pm$60
Aug 17-21Scratch Programming12-153:00-4:00 pm$30
Aug 17-21Scratch Programming8-114:30-5:30 pm$30
Aug 17-21Minecraft Survival8-144:30-5:30 pm$30
Aug 24-28Scratch Programming8-1111:00am-12:00 pm$30
Aug 24-28Scratch Programming12-151:30pm-2:30 pm$30
Aug 24-28Minecraft Survival8-143:00-4:00 pm$30
Aug 24-28Intro to Python12-154:30-5:30 pm$60
Aug 31-Sep 4Video Game Design with Kodu8-1111:00am-12:00 pm$30
Aug 31-Sep 4Scratch Programming12-1511:00am-12:00 pm$30
Aug 31-Sep 4Scratch Programming8-111:30pm-2:30 pm$30
Aug 31-Sep 4Coding Games with Python10-151:30pm-2:30 pm$60
Aug 31-Sep 4Video Game Design with Unity9-123:00-4:00 pm$50
Aug 31-Sep 4Intro to Python9-123:00-4:00 pm$60
Aug 31-Sep 4Minecraft Redstone8-144:30-5:30 pm$40
Aug 31-Sep 4Scratch Programming8-114:30-5:30 pm$30

Coding Classes and Summer Camps for Children and Teens in Round Rock and the Austin Area